All submissions, including images, to Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia must
a) be written by yourself OR
b) be copied from a PUBLIC domain or similar free resource.
c) preferably not contain any overprints (site or contributor name) on the images.

For card images the preferred specs are 400 × 580 PNG images unless not available. Any surroundings of the card itself should be removed, even white borders. If there is an image already on the server that meets this criteria and you would like to upload a "cleaner" image, please contact one of the admins first. If there is no image, check the card galleries first, then please feel free to upload it but keep the specs as close to preferred as possible. PNG is by far preferred, with a filesize around 600-700k, but JPEG is also accepted if PNG is not available.

For images of booster packs, 325 × 580 is preferred; images of booster boxes should be kept within 580 × 580.

Please remember this website is a dynamic site and changes occur all the time, if your image is replaced because it doesn't fit the current image policy, please do not be offended. We are trying to collect the best Yu-Gi-Oh! images to improve our articles.

Naming OCG/TCG card imagesEdit


OCG/TCG File names are to be standardized as follows:

CardNameSET-LN-R-ED-Misc.jpg or CardNameSET-LN-R-ED-Misc.png

CardName is the official English Card Name of the card (if it exists in the English TCG) OR, the commonly-accepted English translation of the card's name from Japanese (if it does NOT exist in the English TCG). If you're dealing with Japanese OCG-only cards, a good source of accepted English name translations are the numerous Yu-Gi-Oh! video games. If at all possible, try to get the name from the NEWEST of these (i.e., try WC6 first, then NTR, then WC5, and so on). In the card name please spell it exactly as it appears on the card without spaces, including the following characters:

  • Commas (,)
  • Dashes/Hyphens (-)
  • Ampersands (&)
  • Exclamation Marks (!)
  • Percent Signs (%)

The only exceptions to this rule are Periods (.), Question Marks (?), Number Signs (#), Quotes ("), and Slashes (/ \).

SET is the two to four character abbreviation used for the set's name (e.g., MFC for Magician's Force, 301 for "The New Ruler", etc.). For Anime cards, please ignore this section. Some early cards have no set abbreviation. In this case, certain "in house" abbreviations have been decided upon. These currently include:

  • Booster.1 = B01
  • Booster.2 = B02
  • Booster.3 = B03
  • Booster.4 = B04
  • Booster.5 = B05
  • Booster.6 = B06
  • Booster.7 = B07
  • Vol.1 = V1
  • Vol.2 = V2
  • Vol.3 = V3
  • Vol.4 = V4
  • Vol.5 = V5
  • Vol.6 = V6
  • Vol.7 = V7
  • Starter Box = SB
  • Starter Box Promo = SBP
  • Starter Box Guide Promo = SBG
  • EX Starter Box = E
  • Premium Pack 1 (OCG) = P1
  • Premium Pack 2 (OCG) = P2
  • Limited Edition 1 = L1
  • Limited Edition 2 = L2WJ
  • Valuable Book 1 = VB1
  • Duel Monsters 1 = G1
  • Duel Monsters 2 = G2
  • New Duel Monsters 1 = S1
  • Premium Pack 2: Dark Ceremony = DC
  • Duel Monsters 1 (Tournament) = DM1
  • Duel Monsters 2 (Tournament) = DM2
  • World Standard Championship 1 = WS1
  • World Standard Championship 2 = WS2
  • Asian Championship 1999 = T1

LN is a two-letter abbreviation indicating language.

  • EN = English (worldwide release) UKM
  • EU = European-English EUR
  • NA = English cards with no language ID USA
  • AU = Australian-English AUS
  • AE = Asian-English JPN
  • JP = Japanese JPN
  • CH = Chinese CHN
  • FR = French FRN
  • DE = German GER
  • FC = French-Canadian FCN
  • IT = Italian ITN
  • KR = Korean SKR
  • PT = Portuguese POR
  • SP = Spanish SPN
  • TH = Thai THI

R is to indicate card picture rarity.

ED is the availability of the card.

If the card's artwork is different from that normally appearing on the card (i.e., "Alternate Art" such as appears on Arkana's "Dark Magician" or the McDonald's "La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp"), add -AA to the filename. For example,

Examples of Acceptable Upload Filenames

Naming Anime and Manga card imagesEdit


Anime card images names are to be standardized as follows.

CardName-LN-Medium-S.png or CardName-LN-Medium-S.jpg

CardName is the English name of the card, excluding the following characters: Spaces ( ), Periods (.), Question Marks (?), Number Signs (#), and Quotation marks (").

LN is the two letter language code.

  • JP = Japanese
  • AE = Asian-English
  • EN = English (Also includes cards from the English anime with no text.)

Medium is the medium the acrd appears in:

  • Anime
  • Manga

S is the series.