{{Var}} is a technical template allowing a default value to be specified if a given parameter is empty. This is useful because when a template uses something like {{{param|default}}}, and it is called with |param= (with no value given for param), the default value default will not be displayed.

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Flip Effect Monsters


Flip Effect Monster Cards are Effect Monster Cards that have an effect that can be activated by flipping the monster from a face-down to a face-up position. So far, all but three Flip Effect Monsters are Level 5 or lower.

They are differentiated from other Effect Monster Cards by having the word "FLIP" before the text of the effect. Many Flip Effect Monster Cards have low ATK and DEF values, but have very useful effects. The challenge is to keep them in play long enough to activate the effect to your advantage. The Flip Effect does not activate if it is Normal Summoned straight to the field. Because Flip Effect monsters' effect activate when flipped face up, many players use them as traps, such as Man-Eater Bug and Penguin Soldier, to handicap the opposing player during the battle phase.

When a flip effect monster is attacked and destroyed, its effect activates (on the field) and resolves near the end of the Damage Step, before being sent to the Graveyard.

The recent Worm Archetype is almost entirely based upon Flip Effect monster cards.

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